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Foul Mouth Testimonials

Ya'll are some impressive Mother Fuckers. I ordered my shit Saturday night and didn't expect it till Friday. But Fuck No! You're shit showed this morning. This is the first shirt I've ordered from you, but there will be more.

The thing that makes me the happiest is now I can where it to work tonight. I'm the Bouncer at the local bar. Yeah they got bars here in Utah, they fuckin' suck but they're here.

After seeing your quality shit I will order more from you mother fuckers as soon as I get the funds. I'm also gonna try to get some pics of me booten people out of the bar while I'm wearing your shirt. There are plenty of asses that need kicking around here. I might ass well have one of the coolest fucking shirts on the planet on while I'm kicken them.
Have a kick ass fucking day,
—Scootter - Utah

Fucking unbelievable fast fucking shipping! You cocksuckers are awesome! The shirts are Motherfuckers too! I just ordered three more!
Thanks Fuckers
Kev - New York

I bought the Fuck you, you fucking fuck and MILF t-shirts and let me tell you, they are the shit! Now everywhere I go people stare :) Like your shirt says "Fuck 'em if they can't take a shirt!"
Fuck ya'll
Foul Mouth Glo- Florida

HEY YOU FOUL MOUTHED FUCKERS WUS UP? I just wanted to let you know I received the two shirts I ordered and they are great. The one you Custom made for me that says "I own a Harley not just a fucking t-shirt" was a real hit at Friday the 13th in Port Dover yesterday. People were sending their friends to our table in the bar and asking to see it and asking where I got it. Up here in the cold north we ride to port Dover every Friday the 13th. We get bikers from the USA in the summer. New York, Ohio and shit. It was very cold and snowy yesterday but there were still about 50 or so bikers who rode in. Thanks again guys and you will hear from me again.
Keep up the fuckin' good job
Tom in Canada

We want to get one of your t-shirts ASAP for the Video Music Awards this week. We want"Arkansas: One million people, 15 lastnames". We can give you our airborne # if we can get this today or tomorrow. Please call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX at your earliest convenience! Thank you!!
Lauren Gillespie
MTV Fashion Assistant

I've ordered several shirts from you guys before, and wear them proudly. In fact, I have worn them during my band's promo shoots and in the studio. They fucking rule!
Kevin D. Astl

Howdy people. I received my t shirts today, they are excellent as usual!! I'm gonna start offendin' people today. Thanks for the speedy service and you'll hear from me again
Jim Ont Canada

You guys are FANTASTIC!!!! I got the shirts today... Thank you for understanding and such fast delivery over the Christmas season. I wanted these for my band member's as gifts. I wear your t-shirts onstage all the time.
Thank You, Kirk

You Guys Are The "Howard Stern" Of T-shirts!
E.B. Memphis TN

Your T-shirts go to show you: just because you're socialized as an American, doesn't mean you're not retarted.
best, Emmanuel - Hey Emmanuel....FUCK YOU :) ~FMS P.S. You Misspelled Retarded Dumbass!

Thank you for creating one of the greatest shirts of all time for me. Everyone who has seen my "Gay Nazis For Christ " shirt either loves or hates it. The graphics really make the shirt
Stay sick

Sorry ass motherfucker. Get my god damned shirt you cocksucker or we'll come over and ram your butt ugly heads so far up your asses you'll choke to death!
Thanks, Sincerely yours, a noble fucker, most worthy of wearing your quaint attire.
D. Muston ~ Hmm...This Guy Might Be Related To Us!?!

I got my box of shirts today. Once again I must say you do a fine fucking job. If I were ever to ass fuck you I'd be sure to give you the courtesy of the reach around, might even kiss you. I noticed... these shirts feel thicker, maybe they won't tear in my next bar fight. I hope to have some pics for y'all soon.
Later Fuckers,
Scott Scootter Leatham

You guys probally already know this but you're the most outrageously killer company on this planet. It may sound weird but you are one of my biggest inspirations for what I do... I cant tell you how much I talk about you at school with my friends who also agree with me.. To get to the point you ROCK... the whole point of this email is just to give you props for everything you've done.
Keepin it real,

I received my order in the mail this afternoon. First class service!!! And, the shirts look great -- even better than I imagined. Thank you. There is no doubt -- I will order from you again. I made my normal Friday afternoon visit to Hooters this afternoon. I wore my new "Smile if you're horny" T-shirt from foulmouthshirts. The Hooters girls loved it. Not just smiles...but serious laughs. PS -- I received my special "Oral Me" shirt today. You guys need to teach marketing in college. Success = Great product + great service + great attitude. Thank you, again. You done good!

I got my t-shirts already. I cant believe it. I just ordered them a couple days ago. Thanks for the GREAT service and you will be hearing from me again.

I just received my shirt in the mail. It is awesome! You guys/gals rule....thanks!!

The custom shirt looks great! Thanks.......I'll be ordering some more custom ones soon.

Love it. you da best. I love you women's. You is beautiful. You is beautiful womens and da shirts is good too.


Hey was wearing your fucking tee shirt " GOD HATES YOU" in the grocery store the other night and some shit comes up to me and says "son god doesn't hate you". I look down at the front of my shirt and said " I know he hates your fucking ass". Little shit couldn't get away from me fast enough. Keep up the bullshit.
D Buck

YOUR INTERNATIONAL SERVICE FUCKING ROCKS! I honestly thought i was going to pay up the ass in shipping/ handling fees because i live in British Columbia-Canada! Not only did it come within 5 DAYS of ordering it, I got a kick ass shirt (- marijuana- its not fucking crack!-) at the same price it would have cost me to buy a shitty shirt that everyone has in Canada! This order was a trial to see if it was worth it importing from the states and now after this... ill never buy a funny shirt in Canada again! keep up this kick ass service and youll be seeing alot more of me

I bought your shirts and they're Fucking great.
I wore one to work and now I sleep in an alley on a grate.
The cops came by and I said fuck you fuckers don't hate
now I'm wearing orange punching out license plates!
Nashville Tn.

Just opened a box from u guys yesterday with my new fuckin' ofensive shirt in it! Love it and had to write to say thanks! You guys have much more original, funnier comments than the other guys. Just wanted to let you know you've got a rew new customers comin' your way- my friends all love my new Tee and asked where I got it. You guys are the Shit. Thank's again!
Siner's Little Sister
Salli Hall

I am very happy I stumbled upon your website as I've been looking for someone to print whatever I want on a black t-shirt. Thanks for the great service you're providing to plain spoken people!

Hey ya fucks...
I just got my 3 "la-dee-fuckin'-da" shirts, and I must say..I'm impressed. Thanks. I will order again for sure, and recommend you to all my friends.

I'm writing you to tell you how extremely pleased I am with your company and the quality of work and integrity your company has. On September 15th, I ordered two shirts from your company. Immediately I realized I made a mistake and emailed you in regards to correcting the problem. You guys promptly emailed me back and said that the problem was fixed. And now, eight days later I have the t-shirts in hand. They were custom, so I wasn't sure what to expect. But your design team has SERIOUSLY outdone themselves. The shirts look great. I can't rave about them enough. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks and that I'll be ordering from you again. I wish more companies were like you guys, then internet shopping would definately be much easier.

Thank you. Wanted to let you know the shirts arrived here in Australia. Four days after ordering. Thank you for your great service and the shirts are a big hit!!!!!!!!!!

Hey. Just recieved my order today (Tue) and I'd like to say thanks for your prompt service. The shirts are great! I've recommended you to my friends...
Phil, out.

You guys fucking rock i got into 4 different fights with your shirts it was fucking awsome

Hello to my new favorite bunch of motherfuckers! You guys are the shit... I went to a Rave party to bust into New Year and wore my Merry fuckin Cristmas Biotch! Tee-Shirt. Man it was a hit! All night I got zombies too high on drugs trying to read the text or people in a better state of mind smiling at me with the thumbs up! Had a fuckin' great time! Thank you FoulMouthShirts, you're the shit!

Been serving the Army since June 94! Been shoping from foulmouthshirts since last year. Wish i would've found you guys sooner, you have great shirts!
Tim USAG 279th BSB

Just have to say that the "Not in the Shit Business" fuckin rocked! Although it was pretty goddamn annoying to have to tell everyone where I got it. Anyway, as soon as fundage allows, I'll be ordering a few more shirts. Bartenders need more than words to get their message across.

Hey, I'm just sending you this email to tell you how much I enjoy ordering from your website you have really cool shirts!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

You scurvy shyster bastards. Great site!!! Dime would be proud. I'll be buying some tees shortly. Just wanted to say bravo. Love the shirts.... you sick fucks!! :-)

Hi Foul Mouth Shirts!!
FUCK ME, that was some fast shipping!! Only took a week for You fuckers to print and ship my two custom made t-shirt to DENMARK!!! Holy crap, if only all stores would do that!! High-fucking-quality tees and THE PRINTS!!! Goddamn the're SWEET!!!! (and that's not ment in a wuss-way, but in the TRUE FUCK YEAH!! way!! Going on my second tour of duty in IRAQ this august - and I'll bring them along and proudly display in camp!! FUCKERZZZ!!! This won't be the last time I order from You!! Big salute and many FUCK YOUs from me!!!
Sergeant first class BO JULIUS, DENMARK

I just wanted to thank you guys for doing such a great job with my shirt!! It was fuckin' awesome!! I also want to thank you for getting that out so fast. Thanks!!! I'll definitely recommend your site to everyone!!! Thanks again!!
Maria Kosha

You Mo`fo`s. I received the t-shirt, and I must say, Y`all are some bad ass fucks. The fuckin shirt is fuckin ass kickin. Your "NO BULLSHIT GUARANTEE" really is no fuckin bullshit. Like I said Y`all are some bad ass fuckin Mo`fo`s, Thanks a fuckin lot.I`ll be placing another order soon.
~ Thanks.

Just an e mail to say thanks for the quick delivery of the fuck you you fucking fuck t shirt. I was not expecting it for a couple of weeks, but it arrived today. In fact it got here quicker than a t shirt I ordered from the UK. I will defiantly order more t shirts from you in the future. Keep up the good work.
John Llewellyn (UK customer)

I read some of the things people have said about the shirts and y'all
There are alot of stupid mother fuckers out there and if they don't like what you sell, then they need to take their dumb ass somewhere else..I WILL CONTINUE TO BUY AND HAVE PURCHASED 6-8 SHIRTS ALREADY AND WILL BUY ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING I FUCKEN PLEASE!!! I WEAR THE GOD DAMNED SHIRT AND IF THOSE STUPID MOTHER FUCKERS DON'T LIKE IT TOUGH!!! I WAS BORN FREE AND BY GOD, I WILL WEAR WHAT THE FUCK I WANT!!! AND THIS GUY...Your a fucking disgrace Punkindrunlick2k2... CAN GO FUCK HIMSELF!

Just had to say FUCK YOU. I googled "fuck shirt" and thankfully fucking stumbled on your fucking website. So fucking thank you you fucking guys. And please give a warm fuck you to Pope Cannon.
Thank you fuck heads,

Hey I love your website......It is wonderful!! And the hate mail response section is fan fucking tastic!!!! I will be ordering some of the great shirts soon!!!

Best fuckin' site on the 'net. Love it. I just found my new homepage. To bring together patriotism and "FUCK YOU" with such coherence and seamless synergy, is just fucking amazing. Now I know there are people out there who think like me, when all this time I just thought everyone on planet Earth was just a drooling dipshit. Cheers to you, motherfuckers!
Jake, Southern California

Just came across your site by accident and I must say, God Damn I love it! Great for you guys! Love the shirts! Found a few that'll go great at my next white trash dirty southern biker rally!! Yeah motherfucker I said it, cause its my fucking right! I'm a dirty biker from the south & if you can't laugh at yourself, then go fuck yourself! I read through your "hate mail". Jesus fucking jehova in a dump truck, what a bunch of cryin ass pussy uptight candy ass rope suckers! Keep up the good work! I'll let you know how the "can I eat your pussy shirt" works out next to the stripper pole at the biker bash! Love, peace and chicken grease bitches!!!
Sent from my iPhone

I love you guys. What else can I say. You made my day.
Damon Douglas

I've just recieved the custom tee that you did for me,absolutely awesome,you guys/gals did a super job,it was exactly as I had imagined and was exactly as I had ordered...YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING GREAT !!!
Thanks so much
Dave Scanlon

Hey Man, I was browsing around your site the other day looking for a "Fuck you you fucking fuck" t-shirt... and I found it! lol Seriously, you guys are doing a great job... I love all your shirts. I saw the hate mail page, so I thought I needed to send you guys a nice letter to show my appreciation. Keep it up! Oh, yeah... I also wanted to say that I crack up everytime when I click the "G rated Version of this site" link. HAHA... thanks for the laugh.
Edward Brown

Hey, I hate all the sites that have they same gay bullshit on them! Your stuff is original and funny as shit! And the shipping was fast as fuck! Thanks bitches!!!
Hairy Nipple

Oooohhh Holy fuck. I just listened to the entire phone call with that crazy religious bitch, that is funny as hell!!! I could not stop laughing! I'll be honest with you, I thought you guys were just putting up a front and acting like awesome people. Turns out you live up to your goddamned name! Thanks for a couple minutes of hilarity in my boring-ass life.

Got my shirts today...I fucking love them! Thanks a lot guys! I've already gotten a bunch of compliments and dirty looks! I will be back in the future to buy some more of your rude, fucked up shirts! Thanks....


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