------Original Hate Mail------

From: Upset Mommy

To The "Gods Upon a Mountain",

I've seen the website for the shirts, and I have to say that you guys have no social manners or political correctness at all. What is with that? I heard the complaint from heaven call and I feel sorry for what you guys did to that poor lady. She was only concerned about the content of the interweb, which I have to agreee is awful these days. You cannot go anywhere without getting popups about porno and awful things that I don't want my daughter ever to see. You guys treated that lady like she was the scum of the earth, when its actualy YOU GUYS who are scum. I know you guys are going to laugh at this letter, but I don't care. It needs to be said. Be nicer to people who have complaints, because you'll run your customers off if you're so mean.

Our Response:
Dear Upset Mommy,

You dumb bitch, give me a fucking break. We were mean to the poor lady in the "Call From Heaven" conversation? Really? We didn't go hunting that bitch down to give her shit. She called US. She stuck her nose in OUR fucking business. She was so self-important that she thought that we would give a shit about her opinion. For every 100 shirts we sell, we get a phone call or a letter like yours that bitches us out about our content and what we do. It's really quite simple, sweetheart: if you don't like us, fuck off and never come back. Never utter the name of Foul Mouth Shirts to anyone again ever. We don't give a shit. There are enough freedom-loving assholes out there who will buy our shit just because it gives them a chance to "say" shit out loud that they've always wanted to say. It's a rare thing to be able to tell the world to "fuck off" and to get away with it. We make that happen, so in the theme of who we are and what we do...I would proudly like to tell you to FUCK OFF AND SHUT UP.