------Original Hate Mail------

From: Too Much With The Guns

enough with the damn guns already. yu can't keep shoving this second amendment shit down our throats all the damn time. some of us just dont think the way you do, guys, and its getting real old real quick. its justy too much with the guns, man. im not some kind of super liberal or anything, but FMS seems to just flood us with shirts about guns when you could be putting up more shirts about shit like Mcain being a total douchebag. its too much with the guns. you cant make everyone who comes to FMS buy a gun. some of us just think about it different then you.

Our Response: Yeah, we get it. It's "too much with the guns". You obviously feel strongly enough about it so that you need to say the shit twice in your email. We respect how you feel about gun ownership and we also appreciate that you stop by the Foul Mouth Empire enough to see what new shirts are coming in. All of that aside, fuck you. Fuck you right up your victimized ass. In fact, I think I'd like for you to send us your address so that we can hire a big, burly, big-dicked asshole to come to your house to rape you. He'll get away with it too. Do you want to know why? He'll get away with it because you are a defenseless, weak victim. You actively make the decision to welcome strangers to come ass fuck you each day you spend without a weapon in your home to defend yourself. We have so many pro-gun shirts because we feel strongly about our 2nd Amendment Rights, and we want everyone else to as well. Enjoy your future ass-rapings and shut the fuck up.