From: Palin's Support

This has been a long, trying road for us during this presidential run for the White House. Many ups and downs have come during these past few months, and everyone that I know has been weathering the political storm. We all knew that Hillary was a poor choice for president, and I believe that the democratic voters did well to keep her out of the race. I was proud, though, because she was a woman and she had done so well getting to where she was without the help of a trustworthy man. Now we have Sarah Palin involved, who is not only a woman but a Republican too! I am so proud to be a woman.

My question is this: what gives you the right to bring this woman down in such a way? You have taken everything away from her that she's accomplished as Governer of Alaska and turned her into nothing more then another pop-icon sex symbol. Good job, foulmouthshirts.com. Way to prove what pigs you really are.


Palin Supporter.

Our Response: Here we fucking go again. Another lady who thinks that her pussy doesn't stink. Another fucking chick who thinks that women should be immune to jokes and public scrutiny just because she has a fucking vagina. Why would you say that we're pigs? I fucking LOVE Sarah Palin. She's so fucking...smart, or something. She has such large...ambitions. I can't help it that she's hot as fuck, lady. She knew what she looked like when she accepted the offer of the Vice Presidency, and McCain knew what she looked like when he asked. She's fucking eye-candy and nothing more. McCain needed someone black or someone with a vagina, and he figures Sarah Palin is most likely canidate not to get in his fuckin way if he becomes President. If I want to think of Palin as a sex symbol, then there's no one who can fucking stop me. Shut the fuck up and let me enjoy my fantasies.