------Original Hate Mail------

From: Officer Douche

Dear Sirs and Maams of www.foulmouthshirts.com:

I am an officer of the law for a small county in Kansas. I have looked through your website, and I believe you owe an apology to every man and woman who serves their city as a peacekeeper and an enforcer of justice. I arrested a young man for skateboarding on city property, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. He was wearing a t-shirt depicting a sexual act being performed on a police officer with the slogan "F**k The Police" over the art. I asked the perpetrator where he could have gotten such a shirt, and he told me he purchased it from your website. I suggest you pull that product immediately.

Our Response: Oh, look. What a fucking surprise. It's a small-town cop with a fucking bully complex. Did you arrest that dude because he was skateboarding, or did you arrest him because you didn't like the way he looked? Did you just get your flak-jacket all in a bunch when you saw his shirt? I fucking bet you did, you power-tripping piece of shit. The reason we sell that fucking shirt is because of douche-bags like you. No ammount of stern emails will ever make us take a fucking thing off of our website, Officer Douche, because we don't fucking HAVE TO. It's our fucking right to say whatever the fuck we want to say whenever the fuck we want to say it. The dude you arrested is going to get off with a slap on the wrist. Does it piss you off that all you succeeded in doing was ruining his afternoon? Trivial bullshit. It's all I expect from fucks like you. Thank you for serving your city, sir. Now fuck off and shut the fuck up.