------Original Hate Mail------

From: Miguel Alverez

It is funny to me to look at your website and see the things which you have for sale. I am a proud Mexican American, born in the United States of America to parents who crossed the border to be migrant workers. They did work for years and years that no white American would touch for wages that were barely enough to eat on. When I was born in the U.S., my parents wanted a life for me that they never got. I went to school and did very well and now I am in college working on my Social Work degree. When I graduate, I will help other Mexican immigrants get all that they can get out of the American system. I will help them become citizens and I will help them live the life that they always dreamed here in the United States. Mexican-American immigrants have a very hard time fitting into American society, and the language is not easy to learn for many of them because of their lack of education. You have a few shirts that say things like "English, Motherfucker. Do You Speak It?" and "Speak English or Get The Fuck Out." Selling these shirts only helps spread a racist bias that fills American society. Wouldn't it be better to promote unity? Think about it.

- Miguel Alverez

Our Response:
I thought about it, and I'm still pretty fuckin' sure that I think illegal immigration is horseshit. It's illegal, you dumbfuck. How do you know that American Citizens wouldn't do the jobs your parents did so long ago? We're not lazy, Miguel. I know plenty of people personally who would work hard for a fair day's wage who don't have jobs right now. If your parents and people like them didn't swoop in and take jobs illegally for such a cheap wage, than American citizens would have the opportunity to work those same jobs legally for standard wages. If Mexicans, or anyone else for that matter, want to enter the United States to live the "dream" than I fucking encourage them to do so...legally. Until that happens, there are going to be plenty of people just as pissed off as I am who want to see illegal immigrants to learn english and to stop thinking of themselves as "special". Shut the fuck up, Miguel.