------Original Hate Mail------

From: God Bless

Your shirts are completely tasteless and offensive. I guess that is what you want. I saw your add in my new issue of Rolling Stone and thought that I would look you up. What kind of person are you to think that a small little warning would keep kids off this site? It is websites like yours that are corrupting our kids. I can't believe that you would wear these shirts around. Who are going to be the ones to protect our children if not the adults?
Your shirts are sexist, racist and just purely tasteless. But I guess that is what you want, and you don't seem to care about where this country is going. It is people like yourself that are sending this country strait to hell. Speaking of which, why out all the things should you make fun of Jesus, our Lord and Savior? You are damned and I pray for your soul and the soul of every person with so much hate in them. When a Republican is re-elected I hope that he sees sites like yours and closes you down along with every abortion clinic. The children are our future.

God Bless

Our Response:
Dear God Bless,

We make fun of Jesus because it's funny. If Jesus can't laugh at our jokes, than he's a pompous douchebag that I wouldn't want for my "Lord and Savior" anyway. God has a fucking sense of humor, otherwise he wouldn't have made ridiculous fucks like you for me to laugh at. Truely, we are blessed. Let us pray.

"Dear God and Jesus, please forgive us for making people mad at us. Please forgive us for making people take time out of our busy fucking day by sending us dipshit emails that we have to respond to because they're too fucking idiotic to ignore. Please make their urine turn into snot, kind of like when you turned water into wine. That would be funny as fuck. Amen."