------Original Hate Mail------

From: ANOTHER fucking concerned mommy

Dear Rude Foul People,

as a mother of 5 children, one of which that is physically hanidcap. i can't watch them all the time. so im afraid theyll be surfing the internet and find your deplorable site. your site makes me physically sick to lok at. saying evil things about gays, blacks, women, handicap people. the "retarded people make better sex slaves" shirt is absolutely disgusting and i cant believe youd say that about people. your sick and you need to be bnned from the media world


ps. i will be notifying my church pastor of your site and we will make it our goal to take down your site

Our Response: Okay, lady....this shit's going to have to be broken up before it'll go down the commode.

1) You have 5 children? Your fucking vagina is NOT a clown car. There's no need to squirt out that many drooling fuckwits. Speaking of fuckwits...

2) Your retarded kid surfs the web too? That's a pretty good accomplishment, considering that they're fuck-tarded as shit. Your retard could probably fill a decent niche in the online porn industry. There's not that much retard porn out there, so I'm sure there's a demand for it.

3) We'll never be banned from the media world, shit-hole. We do our part to show people that there's other shit out there besides the mainstream. We help people learn how to be themselves....so fuck you.

Call your church pastor. We don't give a fuck. We can't be fucking stopped, asshole. We're like the chemicals in a chemotherepy soup. We're purging the bad shit out of society and making it better. Fuck off and shut the fuck up.